Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Permission for use of one or more of the instruments in English (or other languages) can be obtained by Prof. Dr. Arndt Büssing (Email: Arndt.Buessing@uni-wh.de). Please use the contact form for your request.
  • In most cases, there is no cost for use of the questionnaires when used in investigator-initiated studies.
  • When you have received permission to use a specific instrument, you will provide us with copies of any publications related to collected data with any of these questionnaires.
  • You may not change the wording or phrasing of the instruments without previous permission. Yet, you may add further items to enhance the spectrum. This requires permission of the copyright holder.
  • You may receive help for scoring and interpretation of data on request. In most cases, reference values are available, yet, they may differ with respect to culture and context.